Quick Tips To Get You To Master Rank In Pokémon Unite

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Pokemon Unite Master Rank

So, you wanna learn how to rank higher in Pokémon’s new hit MOBA. I’ve got you covered. I’ll show you the tips and tricks I used to get to Masters the quickest way possible (Even If you’re solo queueing!).

Pick your favorite Pokémon and learn their role

Image Credits: Pokémon UNITE

Pokémon Unite is a team game. So, whether you like knocking out opponents to score (like me) or buffing teammates to hold down objectives, you need to know what situations your Pokémon thrives in. The best way to do this is playing more of one character or even popping into the training grounds to check out move sets. I do this whenever I’m unsure if I want to unlock a new Pokémon. TRY TO STICK WITH ONE CHARACTER. It helps you learn them faster so you can figure out what works and where you can improve.

Start Your Games Efficiently

Most People will get severely behind simply because they are not taking the most efficient path. Gaining levels early in the game is critical to getting your stronger moves before the other team, so you can take them out and start scoring goals. Take a look at these diagrams. These are the most efficient paths for each lane.

Top Lane:

Image Credits: GameWith

Make sure you are doing this as quick as possible, so you have the chance to grab some of their wild Pokémon as well. This makes it harder for them to level up. And asserts your dominance on the map.

Bottom lane:

Image Credits: GameWith

Concentrate on holding your ground on the bottom lane. Once the top lane is taken the top should come down and collapse on the bottom if you have a good team.


Image Credits: GameWith

Practice clearing this route faster and faster so you can swoop in the top lane while they’re unprepared.

Items! Items! Items!

Find the best three items for your playstyle and immediately get them to max level.

Image Credits: Pokémon UNITE

I would recommend these:

Image Credits: Pokémon UNITE

This one changed my game overnight. It essentially gives you a shield while scoring goals to keep opponents from blocking your shots. I pretty much always have this one equipped because I love scoring and nothing feels better than dunking on an opponent. Be careful though, the shield is only equal to 5% of its max HP so If they deal a lot of damage, they can still interrupt you. But usually in the beginning, no Pokémon is strong enough to stop you so… happy dunking!

Image Credits: Pokémon UNITE

If you score a lot of goals this one is for you! Every time you score its Attack increases by 6. This allows you to rack up some serious damage if you can keep popping shots in little by little. The only thing is that the stack limit of the buff is 6 times, but it is still incredible none the less.

Image Credits: Pokémon UNITE

Buddy Barrier is a good pick for allrounders or defensive roles. When the Pokémon uses it’s Unite Move, you and an ally with the lowest HP each get a shield equal to 20% of their max HP. I personally rarely use it, but it’s perfect for late game battles.

Other than those, the absolute best thing to do with items is just to look up a build online for your Pokémon and go with that. I run Score Shield, Attack Weight, and Exp. Share on my Talonflame, but that’s just my preference.

Zapdos is Key

Image Credits: Pokémon UNITE

Almost every game of Pokémon Unite I’ve played in, the team who can take down Zapdos and score after will win the game. Not every time but it’s a safe bet. If Zapdos appears, drop what you’re doing and join up with your team. If your team is together, take down the enemy first. If you are the only one, hide in the grass and try to take the last hit. I’ve won a ton of games doing that and it can totally turn a helpless game around. If they get Zapdos, it is way better to pick up whatever points are on the ground and go score, than try to prevent them from scoring. They are going to score. Are they might crush you in the process.

Goal Assist

Image Credits: Pokémon UNITE

A little known tip. When multiple teammates are standing in the goal zone together you get a score speed boost. Helpful to know.

Take out Drednaw over Rotom

Image Credits: Game Press

At 7 minutes you have the chance to help your entire team get a huge EXP boost as well as a shield that absorbs about 15-20% of your maximum health worth of damage. Rotom is more fun for me to get, but Drednaw is supirior in terms of stats. It will also prepare your team nicely for Zapdos.

Sometimes your games will look like this

Pokemon Unite Endgame report

I had a ton of AFK’ers in Great League but it does get better my friend. Don’t give up. give it a break if you have to. But always come back ready to improve and I promise you won’t regret it.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I really love this game and I would love to hear how your journey is going as well!

Good luck and have fun!

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